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Aug 26th

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Attic Conversion

Converting attic space can provide a relatively low cost means of increasing space.

Compared to the more arduous options of extending or moving, the attic is the first space to look to if you want to expand.

Home Building Services Attic Conversions

Attic Conversions

Quality Built Homes

Loft conversions yield numerous benefits, up to 30% of a property’s potential space is located within the attic. Converting an attic will therefore provide a significant amount of room that may be put to a variety uses; an extra bedroom, bathroom, office, or entertainment room.

The first stage of any attic conversion is an inspection of the loft space to find out its exact dimensions and whether conversion is feasible. The feasibility of a loft conversion is mostly dependant upon whether there is enough usable space and adequate height.

Roof windows are an always an attractive option to provide the loft with substantial light. Due to their ability to fit into the line of the roof they do not necessitate restructuring of the roof itself.

Attic Shelving

In addition to full attic conversions we offer a simple method of shelving built into the existing roof truss (timbers which resemble an inverted W).This keeps storage items off the insulation thus not compressing it or reducing its thermal value. A shelf can also be incorporated beside or over the water tank.