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Aug 26th
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Quality Built Homes are a small building company that specialises in home extensions and other one-off building projects.

We are members of Homebond and our build quality is to the highest specification.

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Story and a Half Extension

This is an example of a story and a half extension carried out by qbh almost 20 years ago and was originally built as a ground floor extension and later converted into the full story and a half. The second floor had been provided for in the original build. It consists of a ground floor bedroom ensuite and a first floor bedroom.

we have lots of experience in the home extension industry in Ireland.

The following are some helpfull guidelines with regard to extensions:








House Extension Design

  • The design of an extension should be sympathetic to the existing house. This does not mean that it has to exactly match the existing style, height and finishes, but that it should complement the existing house and not look out of place
  • A good house extension is usually subservient to the main building i.e. extensions should be designed so that they look like extensions rather than a new house attached on to an old house. Extensions can reflect traditional aspects of the existing building, but contemporary extensions can also serve to compliment the existing building
  • The design and location of an extension should ensure no new adverse impacts on your neighbours, particularly in terms of overshadowing or overlooking
  • There are no hard and fast rules about the size of an extension, but you should ensure that
    (a) The extension respects the size of the existing house
    (b) The extension does not reduce the area of the garden to such a degree that it affects the usefulness of the garden
    (c) The site is big enough to accommodate the extension as well as all the other facilities that a house requires e.g. private garden, car parking area etc
  • Where an extension would directly adjoin or be very close to a neighbouring property or boundary, it would be necessary to show that the extension (including any eaves, gutters, foundations, excavations etc) would not cross the property boundary line, unless you have the written consent of your neighbour to do so.


  • If the existing house is served by an on-site wastewater disposal system (e.g. septic tank), it may be necessary for you to show that this system is adequate to accept any additional wastewater generated by the proposed extension. Generally, if the extension has 2 or more bedrooms and / or entails an increase in the size of the house by 30% or more, the Planning Authority is likely to ask you to submit full details of the existing system
  • If it is clear that the existing system will not meet the needs of the enlarged house, it will be necessary for you to submit detailed proposals to upgrade the system, in accordance with current EPA standards
  • If the house is served by a well, again it may be necessary to provide information that the well can provide enough water and is of suitable quality to serve the enlarged house
  • If the house is served by a main sewer / watermain, you should clearly show the location of this main on any drawings. Permission will not be considered for extensions on top of public mains, or within a certain distance of one. You should seek the advice of your architect with regard to separation distances required


  • It will be necessary in any application to provide full details of the existing entrance serving the house
  • If the extension is of such a size that it may generate additional traffic movement or the entrance does not currently meet safety standards (e.g. with regard to sightlines), you may be requested to submit proposals to improve the entrance.

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