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Aug 26th
GeoThermal Heating System

GeoThermal Heating Systems

GeoThermal Heating Systems use the earth as a heat source. The system takes advantage of the moderate temperatures held in the ground.

In combination with underfloor heating it is efficient method to heat a property.

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GeoThermal Heating Solutions

As well as a full installation service, Quality Built Homes are happy to provide you with any information, general or specific, you may have in relation to geothermal heating. Should you wish to visit homes that have a geothermal system installed, and converse with the owners, that can be arranged.

An increasing number of new homes and businesses are going down the underfloor heating and geothermal route. Product technology developments in both pumps and piping in the last few years have made it the most efficient method to heat any property.

GeoThermal Loop

Why install a geothermal heating system?

  1. They are the most environmentally friendly . No fuel burning at all.
  2. They make the most financial sense with a payback time, when properly spec'd and installed of 6 - 8 years. After this period they are very economical.
  3. No fuel delivery required after installation. Just electricity to run the pump - which is usually done on night-saver system.
  4. Your property will increase in value as it will be 'future-proofed' under up and coming environmental government stipulations and it will have lower household running costs.
  5. Oil and Gas reserves are depleting more rapidly due to the explosive economic growth of the new global superpowers like Russia and China . There is barely 30 years of oil reserves left according to fossil fuel experts.